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From Cape Town to Istanbul, WOHP is Sharing the Science Behind Behind Sugarfree Gum

14 October 2013

Two esteemed and far-reaching dental meetings were held in August: the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in South Africa and the FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Turkey. In addition to attending robust scientific sessions, thousands of the world’s dental professionals had the opportunity to see, test and sample the latest innovations and products to help them in their practice, including one extra, simple tool to improve their patients’ preventive oral care: Wrigley sugarfree gum.

At each meeting, an interactive Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) booth guided delegates through information stations to discover the science behind sugarfree gum and identify on-the-go moments during the day when gum can help protect teeth.  Chewing sugarfree gum increases the production of saliva, which can help neutralize plaque acid, wash away food particles and remineralize tooth enamel to strengthen teeth.

Dental professionals from around the globe tested their knowledge with our Chew IQ quiz, and experienced the oral care benefits of Wrigley sugarfree gum first-hand, enjoying free samples after each of the WOHP-sponsored refreshment breaks. What’s more, nearly 1,000 delegates signed our Pledge Wall, committing to educate their patients about the importance of chewing sugarfree gum as part of a preventive oral care routine that also includes brushing, flossing and regular check-ups. For each signature, WOHP will donate to charities that help improve the oral care of children worldwide.


Visitors take the Chew IQ Quiz

2014 IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award Abstract Submissions Open

23 August 2013

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) is proud to partner with the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) for the fifth consecutive year to offer the IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award. This award recognizes excellence in salivary research and will help with travel costs to attend the IADR 92nd General Session & Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa from 25-28 June, 2014.

Entries are now being accepted, and up to three awards will be given:
• Clinical Salivary Research Award to a dental scientist ($1,500)
• Clinical Salivary Research Award for a dental student ($1,500)
• Basic Salivary Research Award ($2,000)

Saliva plays an important role in oral health and these awards reinforce the need to explore salivary-related research to help make advances in this area. WOHP is committed to helping dental professionals understand how, through the stimulation of saliva, sugarfree gum acts as a convenient tool for everyday preventive oral care on-the-go.

Don’t miss an excellent opportunity to showcase your salivary research. Each award winner will be asked to present their research during a scheduled session.

To apply, submit an abstract that is 300 words or less through the IADR website. Each abstract must have information under the headings: introduction, methods, results and conclusion. An applicant must be over 18 years of age, as well as a member of IADR. Applicants do not need to be members of the IADR Salivary Research Group (SRG).

Submissions are open from 3 September, 2013 through 13 January, 2014. Dental and non-dental students (undergraduate and graduate), dentists involved in research and other dental scientists are eligible to apply. An awards committee consisting of Salivary Research Group leadership will determine the awardees.

Eat Drink Chew at the FDI Annual World Dental Congress 28-31 August

1 August 2013

Under the theme ‘Bridging Continents for Global Oral Health’, the 101st FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Istanbul, Turkey promises to bring together dentists and other oral health care professionals from all over the world.

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) is delighted to participate in the congress, helping dental care professionals improve their patients’ preventive oral care through one extra, simple and enjoyable step: chewing Wrigley sugarfree gum after eating and drinking on-the-go.

Discover the science behind sugarfree gum
Join Wrigley’s Senior Principal Technology Scientist, Mike Dodds, for a presentation of the latest research looking at the effects of chewing sugarfree gum on oral health through saliva stimulation. Presentations will take place at our booth (C001) at these times:
• Wednesday, 28 Aug. at 16:45
• Thursday, 29 Aug. at 17:15
• Friday, 30 Aug. at 13:00

Eat Drink Chew – and pledge – with us
Research shows chewing sugarfree gum for 20 minutes after meals and snacks can help keep teeth healthy. That’s why it’s important to Eat Drink Chew for clean and healthy teeth.

Stop by the WOHP-sponsored refreshment areas on 28 and 29 August, then visit our booth to sample Extra sugarfree gum and take the Chew IQ Quiz for a chance to win a Wrigley gift bag. Sign the WOHP Pledge Wall – for every signature Wrigley will donate to charities that are working to improve the oral care of children worldwide.

Can’t make it to Istanbul?
Check back for details and perspectives on the preventive oral care research presented at FDI AWDC.

WOHP Joins Dental Hygienists at 19th International Symposium on Dental Hygiene

1 August 2013

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the 19th International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH) in Cape Town, South Africa.  Organized by the International Federation of Dental Hygienists along with the Oral Hygienists’ Association of South Africa, the meeting will focus on oral health issues and the vital link to total health.

Connect with us in Cape Town
There are several ways to gather the latest research supporting sugarfree gum as a valuable asset for patients as part of an overall oral care routine.

Discover the science – then join our pledge to prompt a donation
WOHP is committed to helping dental care professionals and patients improve their preventive oral care and we’re taking that commitment even further at ISDH!

Come to our booth (425/428) to discover the science behind sugarfree gum, then pledge to educate your patients about the importance of chewing sugarfree gum as part of a preventive oral care routine. For every signature, Wrigley will donate to charities that help improve the oral care of children worldwide.
Be sure to sample Wrigley sugarfree gum, take our Chew IQ Quiz and enter to win a Wrigley gift bag.

WOHP-Sponsored Symposia: The Vital Role of Saliva in Preventive Dentistry
Thursday, 15 August
Meeting room 1.63

Juliette Reeves, dental hygienist and clinical director of Perio-Nutrition, presents the latest research on the vital role of saliva in preventive dentistry and its impact on oral and systemic health.

Can’t attend?
Watch this space for details and perspectives on the preventive oral care research presented at ISDH.

“We Cannot Treat Our Way Out” - An overview of the Wrigley Educational Symposium

19 June 2013

Dental professionals from Manchester joined the Wrigley Oral Health Programme (WOHP) for an educational symposium to understand the significant oral health challenges faced by some communities in the city, and to discuss simple, effective preventative solutions to help address these challenges. Although statistics indicate particular oral health challenges in parts of Manchester, these are not isolated cases and the broader UK dental community may find the discussion relevant to their patients and practice.

Oral health today – and looking for a better tomorrow
Dr. Colette Bridgman, Consultant, Public Health England, opened the evening by highlighting that oral disease is on the rise and the impact this is having on children in particular. Citing findings from her report on the state of oral health in Greater Manchester, Dr. Bridgman stressed that half of all five year olds in Greater Manchester are affected by dental decay by the time they reach school age, furthermore, among children under 10, tooth extractions under general anesthetic rose more than 30 percent from 2005 to 2011. She commented, “If there was any other disease affecting half our children, it would be on national TV. So why isn’t it?”

General public apathy about oral disease appears to be widespread; in many places, dental decay is the social norm and more preventative measures need to be taken. To counter this disturbing trend, Dr. Bridgman sounded a call to take action: “It is clear that we cannot ‘treat’ our way out of this problem. A big effort is needed to re-educate the public and encourage personal responsibility for better oral hygiene.”

(From left to right) Dr. Michael Dodds, Dr. Chris Pitts, Dr. Colette Bridgman, Dr. Stephen Hancocks and Matthew Kent presented at the “Improving Oral Health Habits in Manchester” educational symposium.

Focusing on prevention
From a broad focus on oral disease in Greater Manchester, Dr. Stephen Hancocks, British Dental Journal Editor-in-Chief, concentrated on a single component of good oral health: saliva. Dr. Hancocks emphasized the importance of saliva for maintaining good oral health, observing that “you don’t miss the water in the well until it is dry.” Providing lubrication and protection, saliva is an important contributor to good oral health today. Looking to the future, Dr. Hancocks highlighted research into saliva as a tool to diagnose bacterial, viral, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

Of course, saliva also plays a vital role in oral health, and Dr. Michael Dodds, Senior Principal Scientist, Wrigley Scientific Discovery revealed the science behind sugarfree gum. He highlighted the role of saliva in restoring plaque pH levels after eating and drinking, neutralizing plaque acids and remineralizing early enamel caries. Dr. Dodds also discussed the results of two independent studies that showed frequent chewing of sugarfree gum was significantly associated with decreased caries in children and also may have benefits in increasing saliva flow in older and medically-compromised patients who suffer from dry mouth.

Forging solutions together
Joined by Manchester practitioner and consultant Dr. Chris Potts, the evening’s speakers fielded questions from dentists and dental hygienists regarding oral hygiene and strategies to improve outcomes for their patients. The conversation covered topics such as the role sugarfree gum can play within the overall routine by acting as an “on-the-go” solution after eating and drinking. One attendee commented that sugarfree gum could be the “missing link” in good oral healthcare. 

Closing the evening’s discussion, Matthew Kent, Global Manager, WOHP, noted that oral health problems facing Greater Manchester reflect a global issue. “To address these issues, Wrigley will continue to work with dental professionals in Manchester and beyond to communicate the importance of taking simple and effective daily self-care and preventative measures – including regular check-ups, twice-daily brushing, balanced diet, flossing and chewing sugarfee gum when on-the-go.”

2013 Wrigley Salivary Research Award Winners Announced

29 March 2013

The 2013 IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award Gives New Insight Into the Vital Role Saliva Plays in Oral Health

Wrigley is delighted to congratulate the winners of the 2013 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Wrigley Salivary Research Award which recognizes outstanding research in this area by students and clinicians.

This year’s winners are:

• Sarah B. Peters: Basic Salivary Research Award for a Dental or Non-Dental Student ($2,000 USD)
• Girija V. Naidu: Clinical Salivary Research Award for Dental Scientists ($1,500 USD)
• Kyle V. Holmberg: Clinical Salivary Research Award for Dental Students ($1,500 USD)

The awards were presented at the IADR 91st General Session & Exhibition which took place in Seattle, USA from 20-23 March 2013.

WOHP’s dedication to salivary research is a part of Wrigley’s overall commitment to oral care. “Wrigley is thrilled to support independent research through our continued partnership with the IADR Salivary Research Group, and this award has once again inspired dental students and clinicians to explore vital aspects of the role of saliva,” said Matthew Kent, Global Manager of the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program. “We are committed to advancing scientific research to expand our knowledge and further investigate the role of chewing gum in oral health. The 2013 winners have conducted fascinating research that I hope encourages others to apply for the 2014 awards”

This is the fourth year that the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) has partnered with the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Salivary Research Group (SRG) to offer these coveted awards. 38 applicants from around the globe submitted a 300-word abstract within salivary research; the abstracts were then accepted under IADR scientific review and reviewed by the SRG awards committee. The awards helped recipients with travel costs to attend the IADR 91st General Session & Exhibition and present their research findings during a scheduled session.

WOHP Launches CPD for World Oral Health Day

20 March 2013

On World Oral Health Day 2013 (20-March), the WOHP launched the first of a new series of free Continuing Professional Development sessions designed for dental professionals. The web-based CPD series is based on the recently released book, Saliva and Oral Health, Fourth Edition by Michael Edgar, Colin Dawes and Denis O’Mullane (December 2012). The eight chapters of the book are covered through four sessions, each bringing the very latest research around saliva and its many positive functions. The first session will cover the anatomy and physiology of saliva, along with the mechanisms of salivary secretion. Later sessions will cover topics such as xerostomia, salivary clearance and the protective functions of saliva.

For more information about the series and to complete your free CPD session visit


Wrigley employees celebrate World Oral Health Day

30 September 2012

WOHD Celebration

Wrigley associates around the globe celebrated World Oral Health Day by remembering to “Eat Drink Chew.™” Employees participated in a variety of activities on the day to experience the science behind chewing sugarfree gum and support oral health. Participants ate a chocolate cookie and looked to see the amount of crumbs left in their mouths before and after chewing sugarfree gum.

Wrigley participates in FDI World Dental Federation’s 2012 Congress

23 July 2012

Come visit us at Wrigley’s “Eat Drink Chew™” Lounge! From August 29 to September 1, 2012, FDI Annual World Dental Congress attendees are invited to relax and learn between sessions in our lounge space, located in section 3D2 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre exhibition hall. The lounge offers a chance to understand the science supporting chewing gum in a welcoming environment complete with free snacks, drinks and chewing gum.

Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program announces 2012 IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award winners

21 June 2012

The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program, in partnership with the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Salivary Research Group (SRG), is happy to announce the two winners of the 2012 IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award. Debora Heller was awarded the Clinical Salivary Research Award for dental scientists ($1,500 USD) and Adrienne Gauna was awarded the Basic Salivary Research Award for a dental or non-dental student ($2,000 USD). These awards were intended to assist with travel costs to attend the IADR 90th General Session & Exhibition in Iguaçu Falls, Brazil, June 20-23. Applicants had to submit a 300-word abstract within the Salivary Research area of study. Winners had the opportunity to present their scientific poster or give an oral presentation in a scheduled session at the conference.

“Research is a core component of Wrigley’s commitment to oral healthcare, and this award is part of our ongoing effort to encourage excellence in salivary-related research among dental professionals and students,” said WOHP spokesperson Maureen Jones. “We are proud to provide these winners with this award and hope it inspires other dental professionals and students to apply next year.”

Abstract submissions for the 2013 IADR Wrigley Salivary Research Award are open from July-October 5, 2012.

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